Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We have a New (purchased in April) Frigidaire Refrigerator. Last week it decided to start freezing food in the Refrigerator side and the Freezer section REALLY got cold. Turning to settings to warmer made little difference, so I called Frigidaire and they set up an appointment to have a service technician check it out.

The appointment was for 8-12 this morning ... and here it is after 5 pm and STILL no technician.

I called about an hour after he was due, and all they could do was leave a voice mail with the service company asking for an update.

After that call, I did some checking on my own - there are FOUR Service Centers that handle my area ... 3 are about 30 minutes away and one is over 4 HOURS away. Guess which one they are sending - that's right ... Lagrange Appliance and Electronics - the one between Lagrange and Atlanta, GEORGIA!

I called back and spoke with a Supervisor at Frigidaire - she was clueless about why that Service Center was assigned my case, but she did get through to someone at the Service Center. The technician was spending more time than anticipated on another call; they have no idea why I wasn't notified; they are still expecting to handle my case today; yada yada.

In case they do NOT get here today (fat luck with that), they have one of the other Service Centers scheduled for tomorrow.

IF they had assigned that Service Center to begin with, then the problem PROBABLY would have been fixed the day after I initially called. As it is, I turned the settings to the warmest possible and it ONLY took 4 DAYS for the frozen items to defrost. Once they are here tomorrow, they MIGHT have to order parts - and god knows how long it will take Frigidaire to ship/deliver those. The way things have gone so far, they will ship them from Pluto by way of the Moon.

Frigidaire - I'm not real happy with you right now.