Friday, August 22, 2014

Just what I needed

As previously blogged, I have no sensation in my feet. Yesterday, I stepped onto an uneven surface - but the lack of sensation didn't warn me that it was uneven ... AND that my foot was NOT firmly planted. Therefore, I almost fell - when my left foot twisted under.

I knew it was injured - because for the first time in years I felt pain ... LOTS of it. I applied ice packs and hot compresses and had no swelling or bruising - initially. I sent a secure message to my Primary Care at the Tallahassee VA just to cover myself, but didn't expect to need any further contact.

This morning, I could barely walk and the least amount of pressure was excruciating. There was also some swelling and bruising - therefore, I called the Tallahassee VA and left a voice mail for my Primary Care.

I was called back within a few minutes - X-rays were ordered; come over right now.

You know it isn't good when the X-ray Tech tells you to wait and brings a wheelchair because - Your foot IS broken!

Now I have this:

and a walker ... and orders to stay off of it!

For those interested, I have a 'Jones Fracture'.