Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Birthday?

Today I returned to the VA for follow-up on my broken foot. The news wasn't good. After 5 weeks, no signs of healing - other than one very tiny area. They are ordering a Bone Growth Stimulator - oh joy. They are also ordering a wheelchair. While that might be excessive just to immobilize a fracture, there are other reasons involved.

The previous CT Scans of my Spine and the DEXA Scan point point to an increased risk of a spinal fracture with NO trauma. Add in my risk of falling, and the chances of a Spinal Fracture jumps up markedly. As much as I don't want a wheelchair, I want a broken back less.

My B12 level is also low - low enough that Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Spinal Cord is a possible diagnosis being mentioned. This is NOT a good thing - but it does explain a lot.

Given all of the above, the Doctor is recommending:

Consult to Endocrinology;
The Bone Growth Stimulator;
a Wheelchair;
Prescriptions for some kind of Bone Growth/Strenghtener
Return in 6 weeks
NO weight on the fractured foot
Possible surgery in the future

What a way to spend a Birthday ... yes, it's THAT day. I am only 39 (plus tax) ... damn tax goes up every year.