Friday, September 26, 2014

Freaky Friday

A lot is going on medically behind the scenes - more on that later.

I am in a strange mood because of that 'behind the scenes' stuff, so I thought I would throw out some rumours and outright wierd things I have come across.

  1. REbola - I've come across some very low key hints that the Obama Administration has been developing a strain of Ebola that targets mainly Republicans. Apparently there are enough factors different in the Extreme Right to allow such targeting. They have also developed a 'cure' for this GMO Ebola strain - if you were a Koch or Walton, how much would you pay to save your life? Good way to pay down the National Debt!
  2.  I've heard that there actually ARE FEMA Camps - they are being constructed at Area 51. This will allow controlled human testing with security already in place to keep it concealed.
  3. The human testing at Area 51 - not that I believe it, but rumours say that Aliens actually are involved with that and Area 51.
  4. Drones - Police are getting surplus military equipment already. Drones (and missiles) are next on the list. Soon almost every second of our lives will be under militarized police surveillance - with missiles under the control of our trigger happy cops to enforce any suspected criminal acts. Buying green vegetables at a Farmer's Market? Obviously, it's a drug deal, so they will smoke you and half of the Market to stop 'the drug deal' in it's tracks.

I will edit this post all along as I get feedback and come across more rumours and conspiracy theories that seem to have some evidence to back them up ...