Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Frigidaire pulls it's head out

Finally! A THIRD Repair Center was given the case ... and actually sent a technician out to troubleshoot my refrigerator before assuming what the problem was ... and ordering the wrong part to 'fix' it - like the second Service Center.

The electronic control MIGHT be an issue, but the real problem was ... wait for it ... the damper door was NOT attached to the servo that controls it. The damper never fully closed and air from the freezer side was pumped into the refrigerator side as long as the freezer ran. Because of higher than normal temperatures, the freezer has been running more frequently ... and the refrigerator side turned into an extension of the freezer.

This technician actually used the diagnostic features built into the unit to help diagnosis the problem. I feel a lot better knowing there is a competent repair service center to handle this - and any future problems. He made a temporary fix, and is ordering the parts to make a permanent fix - and he also fixed a problem that the second Repair technician caused.

I STILL think that Frigidaire has some real problems with Customer Support and Repairs. WhyTF would you dispatch someone over FOUR hours away as your FIRST choice? Why are they even considered to be in MY area? Why do you still have incompetents like the second Service Center doing repairs for you?

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The Frigidaire Repair Technician called this morning - the part had arrived late yesterday afternoon; could he come by this morning to repair the refrigerator?

They had to borrow some of my tools to gain access to the "bad part" ... the WRONG part had been sent to replace the "bad" one. Before he left, the Repair Technician said, "There might be other problems with your refrigerator".

SO, my refrigerator isn't fixed; he doesn't know when he can get the right part in; once he does get the right part, it probably won't fix the problem(s).

I think it's time for Frigidaire to give me my money back so I can purchase from a reliable company ... not that there are any of those still in business.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Frigidaire Sucks - sucks hairy, green, male donkey sexual organs!

The second Repair Technician said he would have to part about 10 AM; he said he would be here around 12 Noon. At 2:30 PM, I had still not seen or heard from him.

Another long wait (Due to heavier than normal call volume - the SAME message you get regardless of when you call them) for Customer Support; another long wait for a "supervisor" ... and AGAIN they tell me that they could not contact anyone at that Service Center. They were supposed to contact me "later in the day". Nope - didn't happen.

Guess what, Frigidaire - I no longer want the PIECE OF SHIT that you sold but apparently can't service! I will be attempting to return it for replacement - replacement from a different company.

You set up an appointment for Tuesday of NEXT WEEK for the SAME jackass that no-showed today to try again? Good luck with that - I probably won't be home. Your Customer Service rep seemed to think I would be happy about that and agree to it - sorry, I told him I did NOT agree to being rescheduled.

I think Frigidaire does NOT provide Customer Support (and they are lying about heavier than normal call volume).

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Really, Frigidaire?

Here we are 23 HOURS after a Repair Technician was due to be here - they 'no-showed' and NEVER called ... surprise, surprise.

Frigidaire must not have liked my Tweet from yesterday - they replied to it:

We reget that you have had such an experience. Pls email w your info so we can better assist you. Thnx!

I sent them an e-mail ... STILL WAITING, Frigidaire!>

A Repair Technician from a different Service Center was supposed to come this morning - I just got a phone call from him. He was given the wrong information about the problem; he doesn't have the part to fix it; he's not coming and will have to order the part needed; he MIGHT be able to come tomorrow.

I'm about ready to tell Frigidaire to stick this POS En al Sams la Raisa (a little Discworld humour ... but it IS how I feel right now).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We have a New (purchased in April) Frigidaire Refrigerator. Last week it decided to start freezing food in the Refrigerator side and the Freezer section REALLY got cold. Turning to settings to warmer made little difference, so I called Frigidaire and they set up an appointment to have a service technician check it out.

The appointment was for 8-12 this morning ... and here it is after 5 pm and STILL no technician.

I called about an hour after he was due, and all they could do was leave a voice mail with the service company asking for an update.

After that call, I did some checking on my own - there are FOUR Service Centers that handle my area ... 3 are about 30 minutes away and one is over 4 HOURS away. Guess which one they are sending - that's right ... Lagrange Appliance and Electronics - the one between Lagrange and Atlanta, GEORGIA!

I called back and spoke with a Supervisor at Frigidaire - she was clueless about why that Service Center was assigned my case, but she did get through to someone at the Service Center. The technician was spending more time than anticipated on another call; they have no idea why I wasn't notified; they are still expecting to handle my case today; yada yada.

In case they do NOT get here today (fat luck with that), they have one of the other Service Centers scheduled for tomorrow.

IF they had assigned that Service Center to begin with, then the problem PROBABLY would have been fixed the day after I initially called. As it is, I turned the settings to the warmest possible and it ONLY took 4 DAYS for the frozen items to defrost. Once they are here tomorrow, they MIGHT have to order parts - and god knows how long it will take Frigidaire to ship/deliver those. The way things have gone so far, they will ship them from Pluto by way of the Moon.

Frigidaire - I'm not real happy with you right now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And it's down, and up and down again

All of a sudden my connection has decided to play roller coaster. DSL looses sync and the modem has to go through the sync and authentication cycle ... over and over and over again.

Isn't it time to spend some of that money you take in on INFRASTRUCTURE for a change, Fairpoint?

Fixed ... for a while.

Fairpoint repair tech arrived ...

The modem (actually a dsl router, but who cares) is bad - replace modem.

Oops, the new modem won't authenticate, either.

Call and confirm that the username and password I gave him are correct - still no authentication.

Call infrastructure repair - they had a trouble call into the CO late Saturday/early Sunday morning and transferred "everyone" over to new hardware to fix a problem.

Whoops - we didn't finish Mr. Russell's circuit apparently.

I now have Fairpoint Internet ... again. 4.5 mbps (part of that UP TO 7 mbps package) down and 0.9 mbps up. Sucks to live in the boondocks with piss poor infrastructure and service.

Fairpoint - Part Douche

Here we are SIXTY hours later ... and STILL no internet!

I contacted a 'Supervisor' yesterday - she had my case "escalated". I have YET to be contacted by Tier 2 Tech Support or to have a local repair tech out to troubleshoot.

I just got off the phone with another Supervisor (one I have dealt with before that actually can get results). Several higher level people have been contacted ... and I am supposed to be contacted shortly - we shall see.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Time to rant about the piss poor service Fairpoint provides in my area. Their website claims that 30 mbps is available in my area - you can also choose 15 mbps or 4 mpbs service.

 Don't be fooled - the FASTEST service SUPPOSEDLY available in my area is 7 mbps.

Good luck with that ... only upon RARE occasions have we had anywhere close to that speed! After several calls (and one open trouble ticket that was ignored for almost 2 weeks), they "fixed" the problem and gave us ONE month credit.

Here we are a week later and ... Saturday our download speed dropped from the usual low speed down to a whopping 0.03 mbps - our upload speed was essentially ZERO. Almost an hour of frustrating time on the phone with "tech support" resulted in ANOTHER escalation and trouble ticket.

ONE hour later ... NO internet! Our DSL syncs ... just no internet. That was added to the trouble ticket on Sunday.

Here we are 36 hours later with NO calls from Tier 2 and still NO internet!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vampires, Thunderboomers and hellacious heat ...

I've had the blood drawn for the lab work the Neurologist wanted - NINE tubes worth! CT Scans are scheduled - and you know it's not a good sign when the instructions say nothing to eat or drink hours before the tests ... AND you have to be there early to be "prepped". All that for CT of my spine - really?

Thunderstorms EVERY afternoon along with heat indices in the triple digits is making it difficult to get in my "runs".  I could try going early in the morning - but I REALLY don't trust drivers even if I do use lights. I may have to start doing so, anyway, but I'd rather find another solution.

St. George Island 5K Scorcher in August - was I crazy when I signed up for that? At least the weather now will get me ready for it - IF I can actually survive the training!