Monday, July 7, 2014


Time to rant about the piss poor service Fairpoint provides in my area. Their website claims that 30 mbps is available in my area - you can also choose 15 mbps or 4 mpbs service.

 Don't be fooled - the FASTEST service SUPPOSEDLY available in my area is 7 mbps.

Good luck with that ... only upon RARE occasions have we had anywhere close to that speed! After several calls (and one open trouble ticket that was ignored for almost 2 weeks), they "fixed" the problem and gave us ONE month credit.

Here we are a week later and ... Saturday our download speed dropped from the usual low speed down to a whopping 0.03 mbps - our upload speed was essentially ZERO. Almost an hour of frustrating time on the phone with "tech support" resulted in ANOTHER escalation and trouble ticket.

ONE hour later ... NO internet! Our DSL syncs ... just no internet. That was added to the trouble ticket on Sunday.

Here we are 36 hours later with NO calls from Tier 2 and still NO internet!