Thursday, July 24, 2014

Really, Frigidaire?

Here we are 23 HOURS after a Repair Technician was due to be here - they 'no-showed' and NEVER called ... surprise, surprise.

Frigidaire must not have liked my Tweet from yesterday - they replied to it:

We reget that you have had such an experience. Pls email w your info so we can better assist you. Thnx!

I sent them an e-mail ... STILL WAITING, Frigidaire!>

A Repair Technician from a different Service Center was supposed to come this morning - I just got a phone call from him. He was given the wrong information about the problem; he doesn't have the part to fix it; he's not coming and will have to order the part needed; he MIGHT be able to come tomorrow.

I'm about ready to tell Frigidaire to stick this POS En al Sams la Raisa (a little Discworld humour ... but it IS how I feel right now).