Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vampires, Thunderboomers and hellacious heat ...

I've had the blood drawn for the lab work the Neurologist wanted - NINE tubes worth! CT Scans are scheduled - and you know it's not a good sign when the instructions say nothing to eat or drink hours before the tests ... AND you have to be there early to be "prepped". All that for CT of my spine - really?

Thunderstorms EVERY afternoon along with heat indices in the triple digits is making it difficult to get in my "runs".  I could try going early in the morning - but I REALLY don't trust drivers even if I do use lights. I may have to start doing so, anyway, but I'd rather find another solution.

St. George Island 5K Scorcher in August - was I crazy when I signed up for that? At least the weather now will get me ready for it - IF I can actually survive the training!