Friday, July 25, 2014

Frigidaire Sucks - sucks hairy, green, male donkey sexual organs!

The second Repair Technician said he would have to part about 10 AM; he said he would be here around 12 Noon. At 2:30 PM, I had still not seen or heard from him.

Another long wait (Due to heavier than normal call volume - the SAME message you get regardless of when you call them) for Customer Support; another long wait for a "supervisor" ... and AGAIN they tell me that they could not contact anyone at that Service Center. They were supposed to contact me "later in the day". Nope - didn't happen.

Guess what, Frigidaire - I no longer want the PIECE OF SHIT that you sold but apparently can't service! I will be attempting to return it for replacement - replacement from a different company.

You set up an appointment for Tuesday of NEXT WEEK for the SAME jackass that no-showed today to try again? Good luck with that - I probably won't be home. Your Customer Service rep seemed to think I would be happy about that and agree to it - sorry, I told him I did NOT agree to being rescheduled.

I think Frigidaire does NOT provide Customer Support (and they are lying about heavier than normal call volume).