Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Frigidaire pulls it's head out

Finally! A THIRD Repair Center was given the case ... and actually sent a technician out to troubleshoot my refrigerator before assuming what the problem was ... and ordering the wrong part to 'fix' it - like the second Service Center.

The electronic control MIGHT be an issue, but the real problem was ... wait for it ... the damper door was NOT attached to the servo that controls it. The damper never fully closed and air from the freezer side was pumped into the refrigerator side as long as the freezer ran. Because of higher than normal temperatures, the freezer has been running more frequently ... and the refrigerator side turned into an extension of the freezer.

This technician actually used the diagnostic features built into the unit to help diagnosis the problem. I feel a lot better knowing there is a competent repair service center to handle this - and any future problems. He made a temporary fix, and is ordering the parts to make a permanent fix - and he also fixed a problem that the second Repair technician caused.

I STILL think that Frigidaire has some real problems with Customer Support and Repairs. WhyTF would you dispatch someone over FOUR hours away as your FIRST choice? Why are they even considered to be in MY area? Why do you still have incompetents like the second Service Center doing repairs for you?