Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Since I never heard back from my Neurologist, I called the Gainesville VAMC yesterday. My Neurologist was a Resident/Fellow from Shands ... and graduated and no longer was associated with the VA; they had to assign a new Doctor to my case; he would review things during my follow-up appointment in OCTOBER; call my Primary Care Physician in Tallahassee; yada yada.

Needless to say that was frustrating.

I sent a Secure Message to my Primary Care Physician at the Tallahassee VAOPC ... and the Nurse noted that I had contacted Neurology at Gainesville, so the matter should be resolved. o/O

I responded back that it wasn't resolved, and called the Patient Advocate for my Region - and had to leave a Voice Mail and was told it may take up to 48 HOURS for them to respond.

It only took 24 hours for the Patient Advocate to respond. They contacted Neurology ... My October appointment has been moved up to September (something 'impossible' yesterday); I have a new Doctor assigned, but he is out today (but is supposed to contact me tomorrow); yada yada.

My Primary Care Physician called - he is filling the prescription that the out-going Doctor failed to fill; told me the new Doctor's name and verified that he has a message waiting for him; yada yada.

I feel a little better about things now - I was falling through a crack and managed to patch it up some. Now I just need to see where we go with the CT Scans of my Spine that show "Significant Abnormalities - Attention Required"