Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Mulligrubs

The weather today is sort of depressing, and it's getting to me. At least I don't have snow, ice ... or earthquakes.

On the brighter side of things, I received my replacement helmet yesterday. A definite upgrade over my old one. I also got a new pair of gloves, since the palms of the old ones were almost gone. They are rated for a higher level of impact than the old ones, also.

The bad news - my headlight won't mount on my new helmet like it did on the old one. Time to figure out where to mount it.  I liked being able to move my head and have the light directed in that direction. I may need to get an additional light - or two - to have the same area of coverage.

I also heard back from the VA - they have the modified quote in for my new handcycle ... now it is just a matter of time. Time at the VA is NOT the same time we live by. You are NEVER in a hurry when it's the VA.  I would like to say that they will act on it this week or next ... but that's just wishful thinking. Realistically, I expect them to approve the funding close to the end of next month. Then I have to wait on Top End to build it - another 2 to 4 weeks, probably.  That puts me into May or June without any runs ... BOO!  At least I have a few more runs this month to tide me over.

Still no response from the #jackwagon Race Director for the Eastern States 20 Mile run. What is WRONG with him? Seriously, the only accommodation I need is to be able to compete. Most races start you ahead of the pack just to avoid any accidents due to the crush. Does he REALLY realize how much fire he is playing with. If he denies me accommodation, then the Department of Justice can get involved with an Americans With Disabilities Act complaint - that would be VERY costly for him and the race organizers. If he waits until the day of the race, it would be after the fact and there would be little that could be done at that time ... other than compensate me for entry fees, travel (almost 1500 miles) and hotel stays (at least 7 nights). Without any penalties, that's about $1000 dollars. There would also be a lot of bad publicity associated with it - which could hurt them a lot more than having to pay $1000.  I wonder if Don has told the rest of the Race Committee what he's doing.

Maybe if I heard back something positive from him - or the VA (ha ha) - I wouldn't feel so blah!