Monday, March 10, 2014

A minor win, but I'll take it.

The Race Director for the Eastern States 20 Mile run has agreed to accommodate me for the run, but I, " must abide by all race rules." Really? What's up with that. Does he think I'm trying to get one over on him for asking for accommodation?  Does he send everyone that registers an e-mail requiring them to "abide by all race rules"?

He asked all kinds of questions during the weeks of e-mail exchanges - questions it was inappropriate for him to ask, and ones I wasn't required to answer.  Did he ask ALL the registrants why they wanted to enter the race; did he ask them to list their previous races and results ... TWICE; did he .... I seriously doubt it.

This man has been racing for YEARS - and been a race director since 1998 (or earlier). I'm sure he has been in races that accommodated other Special Needs people. He probably had others ask for accommodations and instead of fighting his negativity, they just gave up on it.  I hope that by pushing this now, that it will make it easier for others in the future. Who knows - he doesn't seem to be very accommodating (pun intended).

March 30 isn't far off. Be prepared for my final say about this race. It isn't very encouraging so far.