Sunday, March 30, 2014

Springtime Tallahassee 10K

Since I couldn't make it to the Eastern States 20 Mile run, I signed up for a couple of local runs as a consolation.

First up - Saturday, March 29th - the Springtime Tallahassee 10K. Lovely weather they ordered for us - Thunder; Lightning; and a LOT of rain. Thankfully the Thunder and Lightning cleared out enough for the race to take place. Unfortunately, the roads were very wet and it decided to keep raining on us - very hard at times.

The course starts out with a short stretch and then a turn onto Call Street - which is all downhill!  I passed the lead off TPD Motorcycle Officers on the short stretch of Monroe - and it took them a while to safely catch up to me. My racing app says I hit a peak speed of 63.5 kph going down the Call Street hill - even if I was riding the brakes because of the sharp turn onto Franklin at the bottom of the hill!

Then it turned nasty - both a lot more rain and a lot of uphill. Without the rain (and the %@#$& hills), it would have been nice circling around the parks and quiet (except for some great cheer squads) neighborhood.

Finished 1st in my Division with a time of 50:49. Just seconds off of my PR - and it was raining and had a lot more hills than the other course. Free beer to rehydrate at the finish ... did I mention FREE BEER! Not that fake, watered down stuff either - a big selection of craft beers. There were also free subs/grinders/hoagies/... and coffee.

A really nice race put on by a pair of first time Race Directors from Gulf Winds Track Club - and a great job they did!

The National Anthem

Ready to Rock (and Roll) this 10K

Not raining hard ... yet!

Sunday, March 30 was a new race for Tallahassee - the Nautilus to Nucleus 5K. No chip timing; no official photos - but a fun race. Ir runs on one of the standard 5K courses at FSU ... and has a LOT of hills. Top speed today was much more conservative (and the one 'big' downhill wasn't) - 20.2 MPH. I took a selfie at the finish - that will have to do.

The best part about the two races - they are for Christopher Wahlquist ... because he CAN'T run!