Sunday, April 27, 2014

That's a little better ...

I did my 2 mile training course again - and averaged 7.9 MPH and hit a top speed of 14 MPH. I still have a long way to go until I'm actually competitive, but it IS a new handcycle. A year from now I will be doing a lot better!

On a side note, the Shimano shifter is just NOT going to work where it's at. I'm going to move it over to the left hand crank and see if I can move it to a position where I can actually downshift the 9 speed cassette. with one hand. Right now, it is a little too far for my right thumb to reach and downshift ... and there is no room to move it closer or turn it where it will be reachable.

Other not so nice features:

1. The hub is 8/9 speed cassette only. I will have to buy a new hub if I want to use a 10 speed (or 11 speed) cassette. Getting the Dual Drive 3 would solve the hub issue ... and the SRAM shifters are MUCH more handcycle friendly.

2. The crankset isn't wide enough to clear my legs or abdomen, and it's only 170 mm. I'm wondering if the Force G "S" crankarms can be fitted to the Force 2. They add 6" in width and are 200mm for a little additional leverage. I have long arms, so the extra length wouldn't be an issue as long as I had the extra width for clearance. I predict a call to Top End in the near future.