Monday, April 7, 2014

More idiots

WTH is going on with people? I contacted Space Coast Marathon about racing wheelchair and handcycle entries ... and was just informed that,

"This race is not set up for wheelchairs or hand cycles.  It is an out and back course, for the safety of everyone, we can not allow either on the course.  Good luck with your training."
 It's ALL on public roads, so there is NO reason they can't accommodate wheelchairs or handcycles. I have raced on many out-and-back courses, and that is NOT a valid reason. I sent in a request for specific reasons they can't accommodate racing wheelchairs or handcycles.

Have race directors suddenly turned stupid?

I noticed that Florida's Space Coast was a sponsor, and called them. They were SHOCKED that the race was not ADA compliant. I might have also contacted a few of the other sponsors - such as Publix about the race denying Special Needs athletes accommodation. We shall see ...