Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sturmey Archer redux

I contacted Sturmey Archer with some questions about using drum brakes on a handcycle ... and after a wait of several days, received an answer.

They have two models specifically designed for recumbent bicycles, wheelchairs and handcycles that use bolt on wheels - the X-SD and the XL-SD. The difference - size. The X model is 70mm and the XL weighs in at 90mm.

I had been unable to find a source for these, so that was one of my questions ... and the answer was - Bike Tools, etc. $125 for ONE brake - and that doesn't include the brake lever or cable. Add in spokes (needed to lace this hub into my current wheels), brake lever, cable and other needed items, and you are looking at close to $200 for EACH wheel.

I would love to have the extra security (and possible steering improvement), but $400 isn't going to happen any time soon.