Friday, June 6, 2014

Better and Better!

The second chainring shipped today, and should be here Monday or Tuesday (USPS Priority Mail).

I contacted several bike shops in Tallahassee to get some rough estimates for replacing the chainrings, building the wheel with the SRAM DD3 hub and tuning up all the shifters, etc. and got a really good price from one of the top rated shops.

I should be taking my ride over on Wednesday or Thursday to get things started, and have it ready for pickup on Friday or Saturday. While it's in the shop, I'm going to see if they have any suggestions about the crank arms - who knows, they may know someone that can custom make a set.

Sunday I should be taking it out for a good test run including a few small hills to check out the low end and get an idea how the top end looks - the hills aren't really long enough to get a real head of steam up, but I'll get a good idea how it will handle on a longer run.

What am I hoping for? Getting my average speed into the 12 to 15 MPH range. To Boston Qualify, I need to average 13.1 MPH for a full Marathon, so ...