Saturday, June 7, 2014

A little off topic

I've been keeping track of browsers and Operating Systems used by people visiting my blog - and this week is rather anomalous.

By Browser:
  1. Firefox - 36%
  2. Silk - 35%
  3. Chrome -  14%
  4. Internet Exploder - 6%
  5. Safari - 5%
  6. Opera - 1%
By Operating System:
  1.  Linux - 35%
  2. Windows - 32%
  3. Macintosh - 23%
  4. iPad - 3%
  5. Android - 2%
  6. iPhone - 1%
  7. Other Unix - 1%
What does all this mean?

Safari is the primary browser for Apple products (the way Internet Exploder is for Windows) - however, with 27% of the Operating Systems being on Apple Products and only 5% of visitors using Safari, it looks like a lot of people are avoiding Safari for some reason. That's odd, because Safari is actual a good browser.

6% still use Internet Explorer Exploder! Haven't you heard that there are MUCH better options? IE is better than it used to be - but is still a long way behind other browsers. Do yourselves a favor and check out Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

Silk? What's up with that? I guess the Kindle Fire is much more popular than I thought, because that's the browser Amazon makes standard on the Kindle Fire line of tablets.

Firefox (as usual) is the number one browser - wisely so, imo.

Linux is the number one Operating System - really? Maybe the Kindle Fire users explain this.

Android users outnumber the iPhone users - which is unusual. Personally I prefer Android, but the iPhone is more popular most of the time. Who knows.

Just thought I would share this - and thank my visitors from Germany, Spain, Croatia and the Ukraine. Edit: Israel joined the fun - and so has Russia.