Friday, February 14, 2014

The Tallahassee Marathon

Sunday, Feb 2, 2014 was my next race - the Tallahassee Marathon.

Lined up for the start:

 and then I'm off - followed by a few people

Overall, it's a nice course - BUT! It has speed bumps - handcycles have a low ground clearance, and don't like speed bumps!

You also head down a nice bike trail ... but it has canopy trees and in foggy, overcast weather the trees overhead drip as much as a modest rain puts out. Running in the wet isn't fun - it's not too pleasant in a handcycle, either.

There is a short stretch where you turn off of the bike trail and into a park ... with gravel pathways. Gravel is NOT easy to go through with any kind of racing chair. The course is an out and back ... so you get this twice.

You finish up on the track at FSU.

It's all about 'The Bling'! 

Yes, that IS a Groundhog - the Tallahassee Marathon is run on Groundhog's Day and the Groundhog is the mascot.

Set a PR in my chair - 3:53:10.2. Even with the hick ups, this is a nice run, and I will be competing in the future.