Friday, February 14, 2014

... and now a word from our sponsors.

Not really, but I did want to post links to items I've found useful, friends with businesses, etc.

Hydration! You CAN have too much hydration while running, but you usually have more issues with not enough hydration. While running, many people carry bottles or use a hydration pack - in a racing chair it is much more problematic. In a race, runners can just grab a cup from a water stop - in a chair, it is REALLY a problem. Getting your gloves wet when you grab one of those cups and slosh some is worse than getting your shoes wet! You WILL get blisters on your hands! Hydrations packs are your answer ... BUT I never liked the idea of having one with a bladder. The bladders are HARD to clean, can pick up flavors ... or even get moldy. Then I came across an interesting concept - the Jetflow Hydration System. No bladders to clean; no worries about picking up flavors; no worries, mate! Velcro one of these to the back of your chair and ... you're off! You don't even have to use one of their packs - you can get the system without a bottle and stuff it into your own pack ... or just strap the bottle down and fasten to bite valve tube in an easy to reach location.Personally, I got the Warthog Pack and added a second Jetflow System. Two different liquids (if I want); room to carry my helmet; room for a LOT of stuff.

Energy supplements - it's really a personal choice, but I liked GU Energy Gels while walking. The Salted Caramel is KILLER! 

In a racing chair, you do NOT want to get that sticky stuff on your gloves! My solution - GU Chomps (and I really like the Peach Tea flavor). Nothing sticky to mess with ... and I can spread them out to maintain the perfect level of energy.

Shoes - while walking I REALLY liked Saucony
Then I heard about the Hoka One One. I tried a pair and bought them!

 I STRONGLY suggest you go to a running store with the ability to test your gait using a frame by frame video. They will be able to suggest an appropriate shoe to match your strike and pronation. Then try on different brands to find the ones that feel right for YOU. A good store will let you take a pair out for a 'test drive' - mine does. They also give a discount for being a member of my local Track Club, so you might want to check into joining one. I HIGHLY recommend doing so even if you don't get a discount

A little side track here - my local Track Club is Gulf Winds Track Club. Why is that worth a side track? It was founded by Jeff Galloway! Yes, THAT Jeff Galloway! You really need to try out his Run-Walk method.

Nothing to do with running, but I belong to the Fort Fiends, a RV Camping group. One of our members rents campers at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort in Orlando. They have WONDERFUL themes available. You really need to check out Fort Camper Rental - and go camping (and running) at Disney World.

Have Special Needs? Then you need to check out Special Mouse and their podcasts (available on iTunes if you so desire). I - along with Kerry Kingdon - am featured on their You can runDisney in a Wheelchair podcast. Check us out!

Get out there and DO it!