Monday, February 17, 2014

another word from our sponsors

I am Half Fanatic #4919 and just got accepted as Marathon Maniac #8762. If you frequently run half or full Marathons, I encourage you to check out those sites. Even if you don't join, they have great calenders of upcoming races to help you feed your addiction - and running IS addicting.

I am also a member of Idiots Running Club #986. If you feel like an Idiot - or friends and family call you an Idiot - because of all your runs, this is where you belong! Fill out the application and don't be an Idiot and forget to click the submit button (scroll down the application). ti no trid emos buR.

All three have FaceBook pages - feel free to join there, also.

Do you like camping out? Did you know that Walt Disney World has a Campground? Join the Fort Fiends! Lots of information; lots of friendship ... and a dose of Snark!