Sunday, October 4, 2015

A New VA - Part 2

Neurology Consult - I'm only here to consult on your neuropathy, I need a new consult to deal with your other Neurological issue ... REALLY? I will deal with my other issues later, I guess.

I will condense the results of several visits and multiple tests:

EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies - slow conduction times and other equally bad results = mixed mode (affecting both the nerves themselves and the myelin sheaths), Sensory Motor (affecting both nerve types - sensory affects ability to sense pain, heat, cold, touch, etc,and motor nerves affect movement) PolyNeuropathy (affecting more than one nerve group - in my case a good deal more than one).

CT (with myelogram contrast in some cases) of my spine - Osteoporotic changes of my entire spine; lots of arthritic changes; NO disk problems - it's all bone issues; a severe narrowing the spinal cord channel in my cervical (neck) spine (myelogram shows it dents the dura, but doesn't impinge on the cord itself - a close call, since compression of the cord is a bad thing ... but it will probably happen in the future). Overall, There is a lot going on with my spine and it will only get worse with time ... that's life.

Lab work - a long history of B12 and Folate deficiency, so most of my neurological problems are probably related to SCD (Sub-acute Combined Degeneration).

Final outcome of the consult with Neurology - I am a high fall risk (that was already in my record); I have to - literally - watch every step I take when I am not in my wheelchair to ensure I have taken a stable step; Physical Torture (or was that therapy) to build up my legs some since I was in a boot for my broken foot for over a year; continue taking supplements. Basically, nothing new except a sort of diagnosis.

Endocrinology Consult - a lot of lab work; more tests; nothing really new learned other than my Osteoporosis is probably worse than they thought and I still have deficiencies that will continue to be treated. A lot of hmmm about the bad reaction to the flu shot while I was on active duty in the military - it MIGHT have been; MAYBE it was; your current neurological issue COULD BE related; etc. (all this about GBS/CIDP).

On a positive note, my broken foot has FINALLY healed (or as much as it's going to, anyway). The boot is off, but I still need to be careful with it; Compression socks are recommended; Podiatry is going to give me a pedicure (okay, they will clip my toenails) because my sensory nerve neuropathy makes it dangerous for me to do so; have a nice day ...

Next up with the VA - another hick up.